Monday, 17 June 2013

A Sunday off and 2 fat quarters

I have not had much time for sewing in the past few weeks, working 2 jobs looking after 2 boys and a husband and not to forget the 2 dogs leaves little time to do anything else.  But yesterday I snatched some time, I just left the housework for another day :) I figured the dust would still be there waiting for me.  I bought some fat quarters a while ago and was trying to figure out how to make one bag from 2 of them.  Since I liked my inside out bag so much I applied the same technique to this bag.  I cut a 4' inch strip of each quarter to make the straps and used some double sided ribbon for the tie closure.   This bag was easy to make and has a lovely shape, I call it the 'Boat Bag'.  Next time I will add some pockets in coordinating fabric which I think will enhance the bag even more.

One side in black and white paisley material

Turned inside out and Voila' a new bag

While I had the sewing machine out I made a small gift bag for my great niece Saskia.  I use the tutorial by Kim Walues you can find the tutorial here .
I did not use fat quarters for mine but some material with crowns and wands on for the outside and a pink flower print for the lining. I am really pleased with it.  What do you think :)

And as there was time left in the day ( a rare commodity for me ) I made another bag from the 'Birdhouse' material by PT.  I just love the cheerful print :)

I bought some more lovely printed material and will be sewing Thursday and Friday, I can't wait YAY.  I would have never thought sewing would make me feel so satisfied lol !


  1. WOW Lovely...... Don't forget to put price's on and how to order. Really pleased your enjoying your new creative direction. Keep it going and you could get a stall at Darlington Sundays Peoples Market. Love Steve

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments Steve....your my number one fan lol.....have to design a 'ManBag' especially for you ;)xxx

  3. Hey honey! I am so very,m very, proud of you and they look absolutely great! Fantastic colour co-ordination.... yes a real talent for this! I can't wait till you start selling them :-) Can harly wait to see what you come up with next! xxx